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MyThemeShop Content Locker – Pro

Content Locker Pro is the plugin to that amount locks you content material till visitors share, as then subscribe. This is a tested superb tool because of developing your visitors then building you list!

Content Locker Pro is the most powerful pathway in accordance with obtain shares yet likes because of you content material and according to enlarge you mailing list. If thou have content up to expectation people necessity in conformity with read, afterward use that plugin according to trade ‘reads for likes or logins’. Proven high quality along lots about features!

It’s a simple, easy-to-use plugin up to expectation ye may makes use of in conformity with deck the content material on you page. It’s very lightweight, hence such won’t bear a poor have an impact on concerning thy page’s performance. Let’s drink a seem to be at the features:

Convert Visitors into Leads

The nearly positive path according to flip thy visitors between leads is in imitation of bribe them! Content Locker Pro approves you to deliver them exactly what he want at the exact moment he are analyzing thy content.

Easy in conformity with Use

Most on us are not technical wizards. Content Locker Pro is designed in imitation of lie easy in conformity with use. The interface is simple, or you do employ on a content locker among moments – of some web page over thy site!

search engine optimisation Friendly

When Google visits your site, thou need that in accordance with consult entire about thy juicy content! The greater content material Google indexes, the better your risks of rating because a key-word search term.

Content Locker Pro is designed with that goal within mind. So ye perform lock you close valuable statistics away beyond thy readers while allowing Google in imitation of read the complete page.

Works With Any Theme

WordPress helps a widespread adjust over issues yet plugins, and no couple websites are the same. Content Locker Pro choice action including somebody theme, whether or not you timbered it yourself yet established a top class one.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile users accomplish above a full-size share on you teacher base. So it’s fundamental thy WordPress plugins aid mobile modesty sizes and touch-screen technology. Content Locker Pro is totally optimized because mobile.


Some plugins assemble a significant volume concerning upper in conformity with your site’s performance. That’s no longer the lawsuit for Content Locker Pro. It’s designed in imitation of honor thine server’s assets then download rapidly over the reader’s device.

Developer Friendly

Content Locker Pro is extraordinarily versatile, or I’m absolute our customers pleasure discover half sudden methods in accordance with usage it. While it’s designed because of happiness concerning use, we have additionally committed such easy in accordance with prolong yet adjust its behavior.

The code is well-structured yet absolutely documented, hence ye can tweak that in imitation of you heart’s content.

Two Different Types of Locker

Content Locker Pro has twins exclusive kinds regarding locker, and ye perform maximize thy reach on more than one channels. You can seize emails to expand you e mail list, or you perform use the communal locker in accordance with extend thy associative reach.

Both equipment are covered in the same plugin, and thou be able manage the whole thing from one place.

7 Unique Locker Designs

Every website online has its very own special seem to be and branding. So Content Locker Pro comes including 7 special designs. You may select the one up to expectation good fits the visual affairs on you web site or blog.

Share in conformity with Unlock

When thy readers share you content material over conventional channels, such without delay exposes you according to a wider audience. Now theirs friends or pals perform confer thine message!

What’s more, they are primed in conformity with respond – as much the advice comes beyond a friend. This feature choice accelerate thine content’s viral growth.

Like, Tweet yet Google Plus Support

Facebook, Twitter yet Google Plus are entire capable regarding using considerable quantities concerning traffic after your site. Content Locker Pro permits ye after faucet within entire this streams along certain tool.

Sign In in conformity with Unlock

This is the characteristic to that amount helps ye develop you electronic mail list. Readers hold in accordance with block within to examine the locked content. Users can signal among the use of an present communal tale (such as like a Facebook, Google or Twitter account). Or that be able gender a recent estimate the use of their e-mail address.

In someone case, thou come theirs electronic mail address.

Advanced Lock Options

Content locking is a sophisticated strategy, then at that place are countless strategies thou be able try. Content Locker Pro gives you the pliancy after take a look at one-of-a-kind systems in accordance with find the some so much factory good for your content.

Facebook Share after Unlock

It’s handy for thine readers to share you content regarding Facebook – every it takes is a equal about clicks. But the influence concerning thine visitors may remain intensive – abruptly all theirs pals yet connections be able parley thy message.

This has the power concerning tilling humans anybody would not ever have discovered your web site of theirs own. When that share you content, the effect compounds.

Twitter Follow in imitation of Unlock

Twitter is a great aqueduct because accomplishing you set up audience. When you teacher follows you Twitter Account, thou execute reach out according to them atop and above again, bringing them again in imitation of your web page every time you put up something new.

Google Plus Share in accordance with Unlock

Getting humans after section you content regarding Google adjunct has multiple benefits. To start with, their pals and relation will see thy message. Additionally, each +1 sends a social sign according to Google. increase you natural rankings, driving greater traffic in imitation of your site.

YouTube Subscribe in accordance with Unlock

If you’re energetic of YouTube, you’ll understand how much vital subscribers are. Having a great subscriber inferior may send a torrent on viewers in imitation of every latter video, repeatedly within a unaccompanied day.

High consider counts and a great subscriber wretched enhance thy rankings within YouTube search, ensuing between too extra traffic.

But getting humans in imitation of subscribe concerning YouTube is tough. It do bust thousands of views according to grow a palm of subscribers.

Content Locker Pro execute rapidly extend the greatness about thine subscriber bad within one easy step!

LinkedIn Subscribe to Unlock

LinkedIn is the undisputed king of the commercial enterprise neighborly world. If you’re lively in the B2B sphere, ye want to make bigger thine LinkedIn reach.

This may turn within immediately visitors each time you submit a publish regarding LinkedIn. And that may attract leads or enterprise opportunities automatically!

Collect Names yet Emails

Building an electronic mail listing gives ye the limit after give birth to traffic on demand. And it offers you a race in imitation of flip cold site visitors within warm leads. Content Locker Pro makes it extremely easy to develop a compassionate e mail list.

Store Subscribers in WordPress

Your e mail list is one regarding the just important property you have. So it’s necessary in imitation of preserve such within a region ye control. That’s why we have designed our plugin according to routinely keep you email list inner the WordPress database. You execute also browse through the listing within thy rule panel.

Third Party Integration

Managing thine very own e mail delivery regulation is entirely annoying – there are deep protocols according to control in accordance with ascertain a high shipping rate. For most businesses, that doesn’t redact experience in conformity with go out their inward resources among such a project.

That’s in what there are consequently dense profitable third birthday party email delivery services.

But with consequently much services, such be able remain difficult after integrate a device with the work thou use. Content Locker Pro has ye covered. Out about the box, that integrates together with all the famous features – yet deep regarding the lesser recognized ones.

And as much the articles is convenient in accordance with extend, thou perform rapidly integrate that with you very own custom system.

With therefore much supported platforms, migrating of situation companies is entirely easy.

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is a entirely famous e mail situation provider, then Content Locker Pro makes it absolutely handy in imitation of develop thine listing of MailChimp. We totally assist the Mailchimp API, then integration is speedy then painless.

MailerLite Integration

Integrating along MailerLite is just so painless. So whichever podium you choose, it’s extraordinarily handy after construct a constant winnow base.

AWeber Integration

AWeber is one over the great historical granddaddies on the email advertising and marketing world, and it’s extraordinarily famous in imitation of this day. Content Locker Pro is ready in conformity with integrate together with AWeber among moments!

Active Campaign Integration

Active Campaign is a real Swiss navy knife of a device – it integrates electronic mail list administration then delivery together with CRM yet automation. Content Locker Pro is completely like minded then ready in conformity with go.

Acumbamail Integration

Integrating your current plugin including Acumbamail couldn’t stand easier! Just follow the simple directions yet you’ll lie over yet running in moments.

Freshmail Integration

Freshmail is another choice that’s swiftly being traction. If thou are certain about their trustworthy users, you’ll lie glad after know Content Locker Pro integrates effortlessly.

GetResponse Integration

GetResponse is some other heavyweight among the e-mail world. Content Locker Pro has been designed to perform integration extremely easy. You’ll keep growing you e-mail list in no time!

K-News Integration

You won’t hold someone difficulties integrating Content Locker Pro with K-News. It’s a entirely fast, altogether simple process.

Madmimi Integration

Some pick Madmimi. That’s fine! Integrating Content Locker Pro including Madmimi is done between moments.

MyMail Integration

Content Locker Pro integrates along MyMail among moments, allowing you in accordance with drink competencies of theirs stunning features.

MailPoet Integration

MailPoet is a huge platform, imparting autoresponders, newsletters, notifications, and dense sordid features. Content Locker Pro integrates including MailPoet namely agreement it were performed because of each other.

SendGrid Integration

So, ye pick SendGrid? That’s great! Integrating Content Locker Pro or SendGrid is a suffice into the park!


SendinBlue then Content Locker Pro are a full-size combination. We’ve committed the integration method easy then fast.


Sendy’s a sizeable desire if you decide on in accordance with forces thy very own email management software. It utilizes Amazon’s depended on email community to ascertain a excessive delivery rate, at a fraction regarding the price of ignoble employment providers.

Content Locker Pro then Sendy be able stay built-in between moments!

SG Autorespondeur

What salvo you already use SG Autorespondeur? No problem! Content Locker Pro may integrate barring any fuss.

Export Collected Emails namely a CSV File

It’s vital in accordance with back upon thy e-mail list! Treat that so you almost precious asset, because such is. Content Locker Pro execute export you database regarding collected names among the extensively supported CSV format.

You can without difficulty inhalant such between some database and too a spreadsheet.

Advanced Analytics

To reach the just oversea of thy campaigns, thou should have access in conformity with every the important metrics. Metrics enable thou according to accomplish informed decisions primarily based of cold, sturdy facts. Well knowledgeable decisions will enhance thy likes or opt-ins, accelerating you site’s growth.

Track the Performance about Each Locker

Content Locker Pro offers you the pliancy in conformity with drill below among the data, and tune each locker separately. This approves you after edit singular tweaks in accordance with reach the good overall performance of every web page over you site.

Integration With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a real powerhouse in the ball concerning analytics. You be able piece then cube thy statistics any way thou want, yet uncover sudden correlations.

So it’s only herbal we would graph Content Locker Pro in accordance with tap among so power! Integrating Google Analytics yet Content Locker Pro is easy and fast.

Load Content Via Ajax

Ajax permits ye to burden components over thine page concerning assert – when the reader is geared up according to receive them. This reduces network traffic or gives a easy journey because you users.

Choose Language For Buttons

It constantly irks me then I see plugins up to expectation solely assignment in English. Yes, the English speakme population is large. But the Internet is global into scope, or you readers come beyond every atop the globe.

Content Reader Plus makes such easy in conformity with customize the word on the buttons to healthy the language concerning your website online or audience.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading offers every other approach over growing overall performance while lowering loading times. It’s a auspicious object into the ball regarding high-performance software, and Content Locker Pro supports it abroad about the box.

Show Terms then Policies

To be brought you readers in conformity with forearm upstairs theirs non-public details, thou hold in conformity with set up trust. Displaying thine phrases yet stipulations is a big step among up to expectation direction, who is in which Content Locker Pro supports that outdoors about the box.

Option To Hide Logged In Users

Some customers outweigh deep in regard to theirs privacy, and that don’t need ignoble readers in conformity with understand those are logged about after your site. By supplying them with it option, ye do make bigger engagement. Content Locker Pro has it function formed in.

Option in accordance with Disable of Mobile

If you don’t want to utilizes Content Locker Pro along cell visitors, thou don’t have to. We deliver ye fulfilled facility of how many thou uses our tool. So we’ve made this choice into the plugin.

Option in accordance with Show Close Icon

You execute figure out whether the name in accordance with job remains of the screen, yet whether or not the reader can push aside such by means of clicking the close button.

Vertical Button Layout

You be able pick a vertical layout for your conventional buttons agreement ye prefer. We bear entirely tested the layout, and it workshop large regarding cellular devices!

Transparent then Blurred Content

One tactic so much factory properly is in conformity with fog the locked content, so the teacher receives a feel over what she and she is missing. It’s at all tantalizing now the content is just outdoors on reach!

Content Locker Pro makes such entirely easy in accordance with functionate this, yet it’s worth testing in conformity with confer if it increases thy engagement.

Lock After x Seconds

Time pressure is a well-proven transformation tactic. Content Locker Pro approves thou in imitation of usage it tactic through locking you content below a few seconds – in imitation of unlock it, you student will have in accordance with share then choose in!

Relock After X Seconds

We’ve gone to considerable lengths after assure sneaky readers can’t be brought around you content material locker. Relocking the content choice prompt a sneaky teacher in imitation of cooperate, apportionment then opting in.

Automatic Unlock After X Seconds

If you sense so locking thine content is also harsh, thou may relinquish you pupil the choice after wait. After a precise period (that you control) the content pleasure mechanically unlock.


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