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YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium 100% GPL & Free from Virus / Malware / Malicious Script / Backdoor. Buy Theme Plugin Never Sell Nulled or Crack versions. FAQs

  • Latest Update Date: March  02, 2022
  • Product Version:1.4.3

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YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium

You obsessively take seriousness of your website online every day, thou limit everything, beside the younger rate after the bright income. Then, whilst you are checking each and every individual order, you locate outdoors to that amount ye bear according to delete partial regarding the sales due to the fact she are deceitful purchases. Scams.

Do you know so of the match of fraudulent purchases made together with a credit card,90% over the times the bank pleasure recompense the buyer, as a consequence make thou lose the traffic performed then the product sold?


This plugin assessments proviso even are questionable actions in the course of the purchase manner with the aid of assigning them a coefficient about hazard as will block the rule automatically if it is too high, setting such so pending.
Meanwhile, you intention acquire an e-mail yet ye wish be uninterrupted after discretely take a look at the viable buyer, asking because of more facts earlier than approving the buy regarding the production yet then on. Two easy words: goodbye scams!

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud was designed appositely for every over those providers to that amount are tired in imitation of strive the impossible of discipline to enhance the number regarding theirs clients then theirs income solely in conformity with lead between a substantial dimensions about fraudulent purchases.

A false buy impacts you store among countless ways:

  • It increses the risk on refunds because of the vendor
  • It will increase the chance regarding conclusion over in banks’ blacklists.
  • It makes providers abuse treasured age whilst forlorn in imitation of deal with each individual fraudulent transaction.
  • It damages the masses photograph regarding you employer between the eyes concerning customers.

Scams are flourishing in numbers or as a seller you bear the correct or the want in conformity with shield yourself, among system according to originate a honestly functional keep with no protection weakness.


  • Activate an anti-fraud test out of the choice dashboard of the plugin
  • Check the advance discipline regarding each and every user
  • Check if users’ state is the equal about the save one
  • Geolocation of the user IP address
  • Verification concerning billing then shipping tackle of the users
  • 3 distinctive fraud jeopardy levels: low, average or high


  • All applications out of the free version
  • Change fraud risk stages freely
  • Set the measurement regarding each condition over the ultimate hazard value
  • Check if users’ e-mail belongs according to suspicious domains
  • Set as much insidious each and every order done with the aid of precise countries
  • Report so unstable all orders with a greater aggregation honor according to the special one New
  • Compare discipline amount to common system volume concerning the store
  • Control what much orders are performed by using a person of a specific day span
  • Check variations within billing addresses of ancient yet new orders on the equal IP address
  • Check proviso proxy is back in accordance with completed orders
  • Block orders concerning particular e-mail address
  • Add routinely emails in conformity with the blacklist now orders bear a high-level fraud risk
  • Confirmation about the email for legitimate PayPal score via ascertainment email
  • All orders together with a excessive level regarding fraud jeopardy are automatically cancelled


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