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  • Latest Update Date: July 28, 2023
  • Product Version: 4.2.9

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Divi Booster Plugin for WordPress

This plugin provides Bug fixes or enhancements because Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme.

Divi Booster Feature List:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes the group member approach bug
    • Fixes the horizontal scroll-bar bug
    • Fixes the header bill concealment / magnifying glass issue
    • Fixes the slider overlapping text issue
    • Fixes the pricing table clipped characteristic house issue
  • General:
    • Set the penurity font size
    • Set the heritage color
  • Page Builder:
    • Enable Page Builder because posts and custom put up types
  • Layout:
    • Add an photograph before the header
    • Add a “sticky” harm location according to left about screen
    • Make the principal content material overlap the header within container layout
  • Header:
    • Top Header:
      • Change the telephone then electronic mail style (size, coloration and background color)
      • Right group the pinnacle header e mail and telephone number
    • Main Header:
      • Hide the logo
      • Add recent destruction area beneath the navigation links
      • Vertically core the header links
      • Don’t cut back the header till person scrolls beneath via a accept amount
      • Hide the fixed header until the user scrolls down
      • Use cell header bill button on desktops too
      • Set the emblem height (normal or “shrunken”)
      • Hide the header backside border
      • Prevent the header out of shrinking on scroll
      • Hide the header completely
      • Hide header links yet search
      • Set the header height (normal yet “shrunken”)
    • Mobile Header:
      • Use an “app-style” header plan of mobiles
      • Hide the search idol of mobiles
      • Set the cellular bill ikon (“hamburger”) color
      • Add customized textual content before the menu button
  •  Posts:
    • Make featured pictures full-width
  • Sidebar:
    • Set the sidebar background color
    • Hide the sidebar distribution line
    • Adjust the sidebar width
  • Footer:
    • Center the topic data links
    • Replace the footer links with thy very own textual content / HTML
  • Modules:
    • Accordion:
      • Make accordions begin absolutely besieged by way of default
    • Blurb:
      • Add customized icons
    • Gallery:
      • Change the grid plan non-appearance image sizes
      • Set the grid sketch answer color
      • Center the images of grid digest thumbnails
    • Map:
      • Change the chart peg icon
      • Display maps between greyscale
    • Pricing Table:
      • Hide chestnuts points into pricing tables
      • Use multiplied pricing table fashion (thanks according to Geno)
      • Use rounded pricing table corners (thanks according to Geno)
      • Use + yet x characteristic ball photos (thanks in conformity with Geno)
      • Strike-through unavailable features
    • Slider:
      • Change the penurity slider height
      • Set non-existence history colour then haze for slider text
      • Put slider images on the right
      • Open slider hyperlinks within a modern tab
    • Subscribe:
      • Use straight pay subscription module style (thanks after Geno)
    • Text:
      • Increase pause around ball lists
  • CSS Manager:
    • View thy ePanel CSS
    • Apply CSS via consumer type (logged in, non-logged in)
    • Apply CSS after a specific web page then post
    • Apply CSS in imitation of particular layouts (boxed, vertical navigation, etc)
    • Apply CSS in conformity with a specific browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Lynx)
    • Apply CSS in imitation of a precise flooring (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone)
    • Apply CSS to a chastity concealment thoroughness (based of Divi’s natural breakpoints)
  • Developer Tools:
    • Import / Export:
      • Export you Divi Booster settings in imitation of a file
      • Import Divi Booster settings out of a file
    • Generated CSS:
      • Use inline CSS (default is a analyse file)
      • Disable CSS minification
      • View the CSS generated by way of the plugin
    • Generated JS:
      • Use inline JavaScript (default is a analyse file)
      • Disable JavaScript minification
      • View the JavaScript generated by the plugin
    • Generated Footer HTML:
      • View the HTML generated by means of the plugin
    • Generated .htaccess Rules:
      • View the .htaccess regulations generated by means of the plugin


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