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WooCommerce Group Coupons

Want in accordance with provide exclusive, automated yet focused label reductions because of your customers? That’s where WooCommerce Group Coupons will help. This development because WooCommerce uses the free Groups membership plugin and WordPress roles to government the validity concerning coupons.


Apply Coupons Automatically

New billet functions accumulate the possibility in imitation of pray coupons automatically because group members. This approves to hold discounts utilized because definitive customer groups.

It is altogether convenient to have reductions applied routinely because secure user groups. This covers any cases ranging beside applying a promotional bargain automatically in accordance with somebody registered user, after granting automated reductions to specific person businesses like distributors, volume clients, etc. It be able also stand combined together with another purposes furnished with the aid of that development according to ascertain that coupons perform only lie back by assured groups.

Restrict Coupons by Group

This modern function provided by using the expansion approves in imitation of hinder coupons in imitation of lie aged solely by way of team members. This provides the opportunity after monitoring whoever is allowed in conformity with utilizes coupons by means of their team membership.

Coupons execute stand limited in imitation of certain and greater corporations or this function can remain mixed along the automatic utility regarding coupons by group.

Exclude Members

Another beneficial function provided via it extension is the alternative to knock out group participants beside using definitive coupons. This permits according to effectively rule out specific groups beside using a coupon.

With it feature, you may because of instance move promotions because of latter clients then eliminate current customers. You be able also permit half more privileged companies in imitation of bear get entry to to more reductions than others.

Restrict Coupons by Role

This current characteristic furnished by the development allows in conformity with preclude coupons in conformity with precise WordPress consumer roles. It adds the opportunity after government whosoever is allowed in accordance with use a stamp based concerning their role.

For example, you should provide a promotional bargain to existing customers together with the Customer role, whilst normal registered users would no longer keep able in accordance with utilizes it.

Display Pretty Coupons

The extension also affords a modern shortcode in conformity with show the coupons handled by the development after your customers.

The coupons are displayed when legitimate primarily based concerning the user account, ticket settings then the shortcode settings.

With the on features, the development gives indispensable latter functions because of coupons, including:

  • Exclusive cut price coupons because of team individuals including the free Groups membership plugin
  • Exclusive cut price coupons because roles
  • Automatic discounts for team members
  • Discount target groups or roles at a glimpse
  • Pretty coupons through shortcodes
  • Helps according to cover deep promotional or advertising cases

Examples and Screenshots

A constrained Coupon for Registered Users

This instance indicates the settings used for a label as is restrained in accordance with registered users and applied mechanically because of them. This potential up to expectation the label intention remain applied mechanically because someone existing person account, except the need because of the purchaser in conformity with input the stamp articles at checkout explicitly. In it example, we additionally cut out some feature over the Test crew out of the usage of the coupon.

An computerized Coupon because of Distributors

In it instance ye may advise the settings chronic for a coupon that is restrained then applied automatically for couple distributor groups.

A Coupon confined according to definitive Groups

Here we hold an example along settings because of a billet so is restricted in imitation of twain groups, Level 1 and Level 2.

A Coupon restrained according to Customers

This example indicates the settings old because a label so much do solely keep used with the aid of those anybody hold the Customer role.

Extension Settings

The development gives half very easy in accordance with monitoring settings. Here you do additionally parley to that amount we have the free Groups membership plugin installed, who permits after uses the label settings associated after groups.


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