WooCommerce Order Delivery


WooCommerce Order Delivery

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  • Latest Update Date: May 27, 2023
  • Product Version: 2.5.3

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WooCommerce Order Delivery

Enable clients to select a delivery persimmon because of theirs order

Make such effortless because of clients to pick a shipping persimmon because theirs orders at some point of the checkout process, yet acquaint to them concerning shipping and delivery estimated dates.

As the web site owner, ye be able determine which dates are now not reachable for shipping then delivery. You be able additionally disable particular transport durations by means of u . s . a . or state.

Capturing the transport date, thou execute system orders more efficiently, improving thine productiveness or satisfying thine customers.

Key Features

  • Delivery persimmon picker, built-in between the checkout process
  • Specify dates the place deliveries are no longer available, e.g., holidays, closed periods then other situations
  • Display the estimated transport period, instead of a persimmon selector
  • Disable unique persimmon degrees for transport according to particular international locations then states
  • Shipping calendar inside WooCommerce in imitation of recommend an overview concerning upcoming shipments


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