YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce Premium

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YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce Premium

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  • Latest Update Date: April 02, 2022
  • Product Version: 3.5.0

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YITH Product Size Charts for WooCommerce Premium

The extra statistics you provide, the extra your customers intention stand delightful along your service, or what’s greater useful than understanding exactly how much a skinny tog suits you condition you cannot attempt it regarding before purchasing? A manifest desk with whole greatness data is what thou want according to perform thine on-line shop full yet keep away from misunderstandings at some stage in a sale.


The principal motive for customers’ dissatisfaction with on-line orders is unfulfilling over theirs expectations. And possibly that depends neither on thou nor on them, it is simply that each garments factory has its very own requirements for sizes or they vary beside each other.

But the hassle thou hold in conformity with rear is to that amount you customers are disappointed yet bitch touching something to that amount is no longer your fault. The answer is according to impart to them into develop touching the proper measurements hence as the chance concerning misunderstandings is honestly diminished.

That’s in which we hold created YITH Product Size Charts because WooCommerce, a plugin so ambitions at solving that variety about problems and that permits thou according to furnish customers including whole imperative statistics earlier than purchase. A duplicate gain because of you both: she are blissful and you slave not get complains touching incorrect sizes, who may flip within a violate of era and misplaced customers.
And there is more: thou may usage such not solely for clothes, but for anybody kind regarding production as requires extra data in conformity with lie absolutely displayed between tables then charts.


  • Create unlimited volume charts
  • Assign every bulk catalog constructed in accordance with one product


  • All purposes on the arbitrary version
  • Assign more than certain size roll after the equal production from the product page
  • Choose show mode you prefer: tab, popup or tabbed popup
  • Choose function popup button or customise colors and fashion because of it
  • Set colours, style, start effects, role yet layout because of your popup
  • Edit colorations and style for thine volume charts
  • Assign one yet extra volume charts in accordance with classes yet according to whole products among thine shop
  • Enter formatted textual content and media among the story of your quantity charts
  • Assign extra than certain altar charts in accordance with extra products at the identical epoch using WordPress volume modifying tool
  • Duplicate Product Size Charts New
  • Use widgets after exhibit you altar charts
  • Print the Size Chart table by means of the usage of the shortcode New
  • Shortcode metabox in manufacture size charts New
  • Add thine volume charts using shortcodes, PHP code, or tinyMCE Editor
  • Choose where you necessity in imitation of vicinity the score on the production detail web page


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