WPMU DEV Defender Pro


WPMU DEV Defender Pro

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WPMU DEV Defender Pro 100% GPL & Free from Virus / Malware / Malicious Script / Backdoor. Buy Theme Plugin Never Sell Nulled or Crack versions. FAQs

  • Latest Update Date: August 10, 2023
  • Product Version:4.0.1

If the Theme or Plugin is not updated, contact the live chat and it will be updated in 5 min to 30 minutes.

Keep you website online out of danger out of hackers! Brute pressure assaults then malicious bots are no suit because of Defender’s mighty WordPress safety shields and cloaking technology.

Defender’s everyday safety scans, vulnerability reports, shot logs, 2-factor authentication, safety recommendations, blacklist monitoring, IP ban device, easy security tweaks, core, plugin or affairs articles table and login overlaying are even a great deal for even the just wily villain.

Schedule protection scans, vulnerability reports, arrive protection pointers then redact security tweaks.

  • Recommendation then one-click assignment steps
  • 2-Factor Authentification
  • Google blacklist monitoring then alerts
  • Manual or computerized IP exclusion system
  • Restore then repair modified files
  • Plugin, thing and interior vulnerability scans

Scans then reports are awesome, but who do thou name in conformity with burden the smack-down of hackers?

Defender not solely makes suggestions, he’ll deliver you assignment steps or remain defend award thou a greater site.

Block the Bad Guys With Defender

Brute Force Lockout 

Limit login tries in imitation of arrest attackers attempting in conformity with wager your password.

File Change Detection 

Scan plugins, themes and WordPress bottom archives because of changes in accordance with the code.

404 Lockout

Use 404 discovery according to quit bots so are scanning because vulnerabilities.

Audit Logs

Keep detailed logs concerning every user action out of file for consideration modifications in conformity with settings changes.

Email Notifications

Never remain left of the dark including personalized reports or automate email notifications.

IP Lockout

Trigger timed or everlasting website bans with each guide or computerized IP controls.

Security Key Updater

Add every other layer of safety by changing security keys over a schedule.

Automated Scans

Keep an attention regarding you web site including regular computerized scans or reporting.

Blacklist Monitoring

Checks Immune web applications and warns you if your web site has been flagged as much unsafe.

2-Factor Authentication

Use 2-factor authentication to shield you site including both a password then a phone.

Remember Me Checked

Set how much long the “Remember me” choice intention keep users logged into according to thine site.

Whitelist IP

Make exceptions in accordance with ban rules or forestall directors from dropping access.

Security Tweaks

Add tremendous safety measures along suggestions then one-click hardening.

Hub Security Manager

Monitor security issues, updates or backups for every thy sites beside the Hub.

Snapshot Backups

Defender includes 10GB on star tankage then automated Snapshot backups.

Get peace-of-mind with a extra secure site.

  • Analyze web page security
  • Choose bring sorts in imitation of scan
  • Resolve problems along a click
  • Skip documents based totally on file size
  • Manual then automated IP lockout
  • Filterable IP logs
  • Set file recipients
  • Automated backups
  • Full website backups
  • Google blacklist monitoring
  • Schedule scans
  • Repair/restore changed files
  • Security tweak recommendations
  • Receive e-mail reports
  • Cloud backups
  • Site interactions together with logging
  • Scan core files because changes
  • 2-Factor Authentification
  • Customize 2-factor email
  • Vulnerability scans


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